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Are you a Coach with outstanding skills and strategy? Do you live and breathe football? Well check out our application for coaching opportunities for the 2020 Football Season. 

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Phantomz 2019 Football All Stars 

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After many years of playing at the beloved Marcus Foster Stadium. The Phantomz are moving to the South Philadelphia Super Site!!!

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With our 5th season ahead of us we are excited to announce we have entered a new league. The Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC) is at the top of its game and is a prime example of what women’s tackle football should look like. We will be moving in an even more positive direction. With a group of amazing coaches and community service at the forefront of our existence we will be delivering some of the best football and social empowerment.


The Philadelphia Phantomz are comprised of women from all demographics, socio-economic statuses, nationalities, and ages. Nurses, business owners, educators, correctional officers, students, etc. we are a diverse group focused on empowering, encouraging and inspiring each other and women alike.


The Philadelphia Phantomz are a community based athletic organization. We are committed to serving the community in any way shape or form. Dedicated to one community service event monthly the women get joy in giving back. Whether it’s going to a women’s and children’s shelter speaking to women and playing with the children or going on the streets where the homeless are most prevalent serving warm meals and care packages. We will consistently strive to help the helpless.




First Team 

  • Star Wright -Tight End

  • Nicole Figueroa- Wide Receiver

Second Team

  • Latasha Cummings- Defensive Tackle

  • Eshanna Alexander- Line Backer

  • Tyra Williams- Offensive Line

  • Leann Ziobro- Wide Receiver

Third Team

  • Jacque Dorsey- Offensive Line

  • Shakira Gray- Defensive End

  • Antoinette Wise- Safety

  • Kimberly Beaver- Line Backer

Star Power of 2019

We are excited to announce that our all-girls sports summer camp is returning bigger and better in 2020. Subscribe to the site and never miss a beat. Our upcoming Early Bird Summer Camp Registration will be announced in January 2020.

Summer Camp

Find out the tackle and the grid Iron New Strategy New Muscle and how you can try out for the team.

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